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Two Common Types in Home Design Renderings

Apr 23, 2016

With the progress of society, in the people's lives environment, "home" play an increasingly important role, home is not only a place to provide habitat for people, but also is personal living symbol. For everyone concerned, home is the most capable of relaxing private space. 

Living Room Design

Living room, in a sense, can be called the living room. It is available for family reunion  s and entertainment venues, sometimes combined with study, work and dine function. Thus, the living room the core place that function is the most concentrated, the most efficient. design principles of the space should be subject to the first real use of space capabilities, according to the function and location, and then reflect the owner's taste and identity. 

Bedroom Design

Bedroom space is the best living space after a day of intense work, it should have quiet, cozy, intimate character. Therefore, in addition to the necessary furniture, as succinct as possible. Designers in the selection mix, still ensure privacy and comfort in mind, interior renderings should be kept warm color tone, in order to create a atmosphere to sleep in the bedroom.

Interior Rendering


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