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The Analysis of Rendered Glass Texture

Mar 31, 2016

A lot of people will have this question during architectural rendering, what is rendering parameter of glass parameter? Why do not render satisfactory results? This is a common problem, not have specific parameters can render perfect results, material texture parameters can not simply decide, we can imagine glass feeling, which contains transparent, reflection, high light and its own color. Its texture is reflected perfectly, which need to match the with the lighting, camera angles and the surrounding environment, it sounds complicated, but we have a familiar feeling, the operation is not difficult. First roughly inputting the basic parameters to see whether the performance requirements, usually the camera is not moving, and reflection given enough, if you do not need to see the indoor scene, it is ok. If you want to see the light reflected on the glass, you need to slowly turn the lighting angle, usually if the glass is flat, lighting and camera angle is about 90 ℃, do not forget to turn on the high light. Because glass is transparent, the color output will be consumed.

On this basis, according to their own requirements to adjust the color, reflection, transparency, gloss, and other parameters. Initial operation may require several tests, but practice makes perfect. The windows are the eyes of the building, also is the important part to to reflect the temperament of the building, it plays an important role to show refinement in architectural renderings.

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