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Why Is Metal No Textured in Renderings Production?

Mar 26, 2016

In 3d rendering material performance, the metal material texture effects often occur monochromatic feeling, no metallic texture. To solve this problem we first need to understand the characteristics of the metal material, such as gloss, degree of reflection, the size of the high points of light, clarity reflected the surrounding environment, these are the key factors, light coordination is also important point, any material does not reflect without light, metal material even more so. In the debugging of light direction, must let the high light of the metal face the camera, but the general direction of the light is required limit. How do we tradeoffs it?

To achieve the best results, we can only open one light for metal, this lamp must have a function of influencing reflection, this would solve the problem of high light, but for the metallic reflection problem, although not like glass so sensitive to the surrounding environment, but also affected by the surrounding environment, So to put some reflective object around the metal, if necessary, reflector may not be visible to the camera.

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