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Role of Architectural Animation in The Bidding Process

May 18, 2016

With the increasingly fierce competition in the real estate industry, requirement for architectural planning, design and decoration becomes higher, construction tender also become more sophisticated, he bidding process is almost cruel. Approver need to know the information of the building itself more intuitively, more quickly and more comprehensively. Traditional Broche, banners can not fully meet their needs. How to stand out in a large number of bidders? How to express our own programs and the concept? Thses are problem of growing concern to all bidders. At this time, there was a great play to the advantages of architectural 3D animation.

Combined animation virtual digital technology with expression of movies, with the rhythm of the music multi-angle to show architectural model, help designers to make abstract design data into vivid visual video images. The future scenes of life shows in advance, so that people can understand the architectural design concept intuitively.

Architectural Model


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