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The Basic Production Process of Building Animation

May 25, 2016

Typically architectural animation production process has eight steps.

Step 1 Data collection: obtain relevant information, including CAD, related architectural renderings, REF publicity color pages and so on.

Step 2 Draw draft: it manifested simple idea of the building. Of course, not necessarily be so, especially in some emphasize computer-technology projects

Step 3 Model making: After the preparatory work is completed, we can start modeling. Provided CAD is showed up by three-dimensional model, and produce animation required all relevant model.

Step 4 Material light: In the production of architectural animation, materials and lighting effects is crucial for the entire animation, which will directly affect the entire animation and visual effects.

Step 5 Lens confirmation: After completing the model finishing and real estate model, began to set the camera, after setting the camera, It can be circulated animators for production in the form of lenses.

Step 6 Lens review: For animators produced lenses, in the completion stage, animators have to render every other frame lenses, each lens required quality supervision staff to review.

Step 7 Render output: After modeling, animation, materials, lighting adjustment, also by rendering to put the scene models into video or image, thereinto, choose renderer is crucial for the production of construction animation.

Step 8 Late effects: After the three-dimensional animation rendering, we need toner and add special effects to make the picture more impact in the later software.

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