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Landscape Color Material Properties

May 13, 2016

In the landscape, material color has material properties, premise of studying landscape architecture color design is find out the material carriers among the landscape color, landscape colors including natural color, semi-natural color and artificial color, each color is different, it has its own definition.

Material carrier of natural color means the color demonstrated by natural substances, in the garden landscape, water stone sky plants and other natural existence are their support.

Material carrier of semi-natural color is artificial processed colors without changing the nature of the premise of natural substances. In the landscape, wood and metal are processed artificially, which are material carrier of semi-natural color.

Artificial color carrier means are that the color is the result of various techniques of artificial produced in the landscape, such as various ceramic tile, glass, paint.

We can not only render the landscape, but also render a variety of buildings, including interior rendering and architectural rendering.

Architectural Rendering


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