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Two Special Types in Home Design Renderings

Apr 27, 2016

Partition of the living space and layout of functions always be the foundation of the design. No fixed style is the best style, due to the different needs, the same room type also exhibit very different styles.

One is the children's room design, children's room is differnent from adult bedroom space, it can be planning for the multi-purpose room, its function is relatively complete and full diversity. Because in ordinary families, in addition to the children's room, it is difficult to have any more space available to children's games and learning. Requirements for the designer to arrange its internal layout is more stringent, any designed ideas must ensure the safety of children. Meanwhile, in order to stimulate children imagination. Choose colors of decorative material can be used more boldly, it may be appropriate to adopt a strong contrast to adjust the space atmosphere.

The other is the old man's room design, elderly housing is designed on the base of practical function, room layout pattern should be based on the physical condition of the elderly. Select furniture also should take into account the convenience of action, Decorative items should be not be complex, should follow the principle of combining practical and aesthetic.

At the same time, color of drawn architectural renderings should be harmony with the color of furniture, try to choose low purity of color, in order to maintain the dim dignified style, coupled with appropriate lighting, so that sight convert is more peaceful, and strive to achieve the overall unified artistic effect.

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