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Landscape Design and Color Application

Apr 14, 2016

In the 3D rendering of the landscape, the application of color play an important role, here are some basic principles of color application in landscape art design.

1. the overall design

In the landscape, the plant should be coordinated with surrounding things, it and other landscapes coexist, such as construction, comedy, paving, water, and color selection and matching.

2. green as the keynote color

Greens are the elements that can reflect the color in gardens, even in winter, still needs the green, green is for supporting the main protagonist. Different shades of green color vary widely, resulting in change of color. Facade put some layered color flowering plants and shrubs to set off the green background.

3. use a solid color

Garden art landscape often appear pure color plant to to be more attractive designs. A large area of flowers or shrubs as the usage of color pursuit, which allows for imaginative design on a green background. Use local embellishment of some pure contrasting colors on green background, can be a variety of flower plants, can be building, creating rich layers of space poetic effects.

4. background effects producer

Landscape is required color background, use contrast plant colors, the foreground and background in order to highlight the prospects, blue sky, the elegant gray mountains, blue water as a background to build great momentum, sometimes we have to consider the comparison of warm and cold colors, creating echoes between colors.

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