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Advantages of 3D Architectural Animation

Apr 12, 2016

There are three advantages of architectural animation.

1. The advantages of digital technology

Compared with the plane, 3D architectural animation adds the concept of time and space, 3D animation is multi-dimensional. It's not just learn some rules of graphic design, but also according to visual arts laws to create. In accordance with the size of the original size architectural drawings to make architectural models, simulate a variety of real climate and light, produce a variety of natural landscape simulation, greatly improved the quality and efficiency of design and planning.

2. Scene dynamic advantages

Final 3D building video files can provide people with a variety of information about the construction of a realistic scene intuitively and comprehensively, can produce spatial effects, can express details on each building.

3. Virtual lens advantage

In the design of a variety of lenses, it is possible to complete a variety of lenses that real shot can not be completed, including many dangerous shots and difficult shots, such as aerial shots.

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