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Future of Architectural Animation

Apr 08, 2016

Architectural animation is a performance directions, it is an important means of expression of visual architectural design techniques. Architectural animation used 3D animation, using animated virtual digital technology, combined with storytelling, it will be able to show geographical location of the building, the building looks and various ancillary facilities though a visual, dynamic way at the design stage of the building, it makes people enjoy in the future wonderful buildings.

At the development trend of digital communication, using 3D animation technology to create a dynamic environment with artistic building in the computer, by way of multimedia communication make people understand the future home easily and clearly, feel beauty and truth of future. With the development, architectural animation industry as an emerging industry in the new media environment, more and more widely, prospects are very promising, it has a strong competitive edge in architectural model design, urban planning, interior decoration and other construction industry.

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