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Dusk Effect about Outdoor Architectural Renderings

Mar 24, 2016

Some people say that the dust effect is nothing more than the lights down yellow, lighting angle adjustment a little low. In fact, this is not wrong to say, but only it is partly right, not only to pay attention to the color and angle of the light, but also many details need to note. 

First one evening renderings, we need grasp from the whole picture, not only tone tend to warm, but also giving a little lonely feeling. Such as commercial buildings, at this time, some people can involve architectural renderings, although many people, but the atmosphere is not necessarily active, many people are not in conflict with the feeling of loneliness, dress color, projection size, people dynamic, as well as placement will affect active level of the atmosphere. 

Usually when we create the atmosphere of the evening shades, some people dress will partial gray, shadow of people do a little longer. The whole picture is not sallow, but there are blue-violet, orange, purple elements can increase the atmosphere of the evening. 

Another point is that the indoor environment process, indoor need to have content and lighting, but weaker than the night, stronger than during the day, little light can set off the atmosphere at dust.

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