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Requirements of Color about House Renderings

Mar 22, 2016

Different people have different feeling about different colors, they will occur different association. For example, green makes people feel quiet; white object make people feel bright and pure; and black is often associated with dark or deep hole, people feel depressed, fear and so on.

There are warm and cool color of the points. Warm color gives a strong influence on the visual, cool color has weak visual impact and shortened sense. Accordingly, architectural renderings must be suited to everyone's aesthetic. When design color of the interior renderings, design should abide by the general rules of color, we must also follow the characteristics of the different regions and nations.

Under normal circumstances, family interior design mainly use warm colors, but public places multi-use cold colors. The living room is the family's primary activities space, neutral color on the whole give a comfortable feeling. The best choice of bedroom is warm colors, it is beneficial to rest. Study use more elegant, serious, conciliatory style. Kitchen make bright and clean as a focus, the restaurant can choose warm colors. In addition, it is appropriate to use neat color for clean room.

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