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Personalized Decoration of Small Apartment

Mar 16, 2016

Wall color choice is very important in small apartment decoration, In principle, it is not appropriate to use a dark, because of light-absorbing, originally small room will appear smaller since the darkening. So most of the small apartment will use white to decorate wall. But saying wisecrack, "principles" are made to be broken! Small apartment decoration want to put on a personality, the use of dark colors is essential.

House rendering is similar to home decoration, color is also crucial in house rendering design. Dark has function of contraction sight, when home has a wall projecting cause congestion, dark is much better than white. And when the family room is longer, the most distant wall is made of dark treatment, it would seem deep and mood. Despite the dark role can not be overlooked, but it can not be abused.

In general, there is 30-square-meter room, three-fifths of the walls are light-colored, two fifths of the wall is medium color, the last little use a dark, of course, the ratio is not absolute, this room is separated the primary and secondary naturally!

Match color well can save a lot of money for the renovation. If you are good at color matching, some gypsum fee can be saved, but the effect is more fashion! It is recommended that everyone study color shutters properly, learn several classic match of the same color and contrast color, wall color matching will become easy.

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