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How to Do The Architectural Renderings?

Mar 14, 2016

With the exaltation of 3DS max versions of software, its functions are more powerful, it has become the tool of choice for most software designers to make architectural renderings. Due to the lack of professional knowledge and software skills, resulting in level of design is not improved. We list some renderings production experience to learn.

First, strengthen the professional knowledge base. Architectural renderings are different from art paintings, when we plotted, not only pursue aesthetics, but also pay attention to the special requirements of the architectural decoration industry. Further architectural renderings are increasingly treated as accessory of works contracts, so it has some legal effect.

Second, we need overall planning before drawing. You'd better do a good planning before drawing: How many scenes does the whole project need? What elements does every scene have? Are elements need to be modeled? While also consider the overall colors, materials and so on.

Third, distinguish priorities, reduce the workload. After setting up the scene, pick a good showing perspective. For those not visible surface, we can save a lot of modeling and materials; For those distant objects, we does not have to consider the details during modeling, they just need to shape and color.

Fourth, try not to direct modeling in total scene.

Fifth, we named for the geometric element in time. Whenever you complete modeling of an object, it is necessary and timely for the relevant elements to be named, similarly, you named for the material in time to avoid confusion.

Sixth, build your own model material library. You can put your data copy to hard disk, then according to the classification and use to mane. Of course modeling library. After a period of accumulation, you must have an own material model library.

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