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Older Room Renovation Renderings Design

Mar 10, 2016

Decorating the house for the elderly should be more consideration for the elderly, or listen to opinions of the elderly, or give architectural model to the elderly.

Elderly room decoration design renderings mainly have the four key points, quiet, smooth, dotting, calm.

Quiet refers to the characteristic of decoration, doors and windows, walls in house are required from the outside interference, because the physical of the elderly are declining, small voice to some old people is also noise.

Smooth refers to furniture, old people trouble with walking. When choosing furniture must be considered rounded issue to avoid the bump. Angular furniture should be as little as possible.

Calm refers to the arrangement of the home, hue of colors and lights to be unified, color should be emphasis on simple and calm, floors should be wood flooring and carpet as a focus, wall should be white or milk yellow or other elegant colors, furniture should choose natural wood color, color of walls and furniture match a deep one shallow.

Dotting refers to the room arrangement of fabric, which is the key of beauty. Colors of sheets, bedspreads, curtains, sofa towels, tablecloths, wall hangings and other colors should be simple and dignified, or elegant and fresh, it should be coordinated with the overall hue of the room, pattern is also a concise as well, material should be used both to heat, dust, noise, but also beautify the living room.


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