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Application of Architectural Animation Techniques

Mar 08, 2016

With the improvment of technology level, 3D computer technology has been developed, architectural animation has also been considerable development. Especially in recent years China's real estate business was flourishing, even if the national macro-control, the housing prices are still soaring, the real estate industry promote the development of China's construction industry, architectural animation technology as necessary tools in construction industry and architectural models, has been driven.

After a series of exploration, architectural animation has not only limited to pure real estate industry, and now the urban planning, military, etc., can be seen architectural animation. From three-dimensional image of the Olympic Games to all Olympic facilities venues, these reflected magical architectural animation, we can see the important role of architectural animation technology.

Although architectural animation is a cumbersome and complex process that requires careful thinking, strong teamwork and skill, but in the future society, people will demand a higher level of spiritual enjoyment, architectural animation must be accompanied with us.


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