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The Details of Design Renderings in Winter

Mar 05, 2016

Full consideration of hue problem

Winter decoration caused sensory illusion on the human visual. For example, in winter decorations, people will like some of the warm colors unknowingly, but we feel uncomfortable in summer. Therefore, we need use some moderate color in the decoration. If you are unsure, you can see the effect chart though 3D rendering in advance.

Check small details carefully

After the winter decoration, acceptance should focus on left seam, stickers, carefully check for cracking. For the wall, the best use a metal hammer to tap the wall, corners and intermediate of tiles, there should be no hollow sound under normal circumstances. whole plane should be flat. However, because some wooden floors should be appropriate to keep the seam in the winter, some voids are allowed.

Moderate ventilation window

Window ventilation may help volatilize and dry indoor formaldehyde and other harmful substances, however, due to winter outdoor temperature is low, it will make paint deteriorate even powder, after renovation, wall paint did not dry and easily be frozen, easily lead to discoloration. Therefore, the best time of ventilation is a warm afternoon, and each time not too long.

3D Rendering


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