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Environmental Impact on The Design Renderings

Mar 03, 2016

When we designed the house rendering, we should pay attention to the environment around the building, because the environmental impact of architectural renderings is large.

First, the transformation of substance and the logo design should inosculate entrance space with indoor and outdoor space.

Second, the channel entrance and the overall space should be coordinated. If there is no corresponding consideration in architectural design, we can be adjusted in the process of renovation.

Third, the number of meetings and distributed level of entertainment space should pay attention to the relative independence, without disturbing each other.

Fourth, villas layer should be given more consideration of vertical space transportation. For example, stairs parts, should give consideration to its own form of matter. In addition to the considered about original structure of rational combination, Addition or alteration stairs, security issues are the most important.

Fifth, the various devices in the villa space. At the same time, consider the relationship between the various devices.

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