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How to Achieve 3D Architectural Renderings?

Mar 01, 2016

3D architectural rendering is the actual effect of the performance of the building with a real and intuitive view through construction drawings before construction, decoration and construction, we can see the actual results at a glance after construction.

General architectural renderings production process requires three steps: model - Render - Late.

1. Draw the architectural CAD flat vertical section, then give the diagram to the drawing, and tell him your request.

2. Beginning 3D modeling, and you can attach general CAD of total terrain, built the terrain model, the material is also considered well, angle is also no problem, then start rendering, adjusting specific parameters, Workers render a small map, if you think ok, it began large map rendering, not satisfied, you can continue to modify.

3. 3D model rendering is finished, then enter the post-processing stage, about background, ground, and all processing, increase the color for rendering, making more realistic renderings.

This is the basic process of architectural renderings production, generally it is a aerial view.

3D Architectural Rendering


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