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Development of 3D Architectural Rendering Industry

Feb 23, 2016

Architectural rendering and interior design are complementary, as the most relaxing form of living, allowing the owner to enjoy the exchange with the outside world. Thus, the natural landscape of renderings are necessary.

How to make outdoor landscape integrate indoor, how to make interior furnishings become an extension of natural scenery. It has become most concern part of renderings interior design. Outdoor landscape perspective and framing techniques also integrated to determination of the ratio between the interior. China's interior design has been developing. Bring a broader space for development of renderings production industry.

Global architectural decoration industry is developing rapidly, China building decoration industry is facing competition and the impact of the world counterparts.It is opportunities and challenges, which need to cultivate large quantities of outstanding staff. Today 3D rendering design became popular profession, rendering designer has become a respectable profession.

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