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Layered Architectural Rendering

Feb 20, 2016

Layered architectural rendering is a necessary function of 3D animation software in the actual production process.

First, we need place elements of different plug-ins in different layers, elements do not belong plug-ins, such as buildings and ground, are also placed in a single layer.

Then, we need create different groups for different lighting elements, and set different architectural renderings shadow mode. In order to unify light direction, light of different groups can be in the same location.

The next step is the most important layered architectural renderings. building ground layer render and output to RTF, open the depth of the channel, and other required channels, all the objects of building ground layer set Matte / Shadow material, shown trees layer and building ground layer separately, open tree lighting, architectural rendering output to PDF format, open the deep channel, separately display surface layer and building ground layer, open water, lighting, rendering output RPF format, open deep channel and other required channel.

In addition, in the final post-synthesis, we should choose a better rendering software. So we can get a complete building renderings that has a good visual effects.

3D Architectural Rendering


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