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Three-point Lighting of Interior Rendering

Feb 18, 2016

Three-point lighting generally used for smaller scale scene illumination. There are three lights, they are the main light, auxiliary light and background light. For smaller areas, it can be a "three-point lighting". For the big scene, you can put a big scene split into smaller areas and then use the "three-point lighting" to solve lighting problems.

The main light of interior rendering

The main light illuminate the main objects in the scene and its surrounding areas, and to function as the principal object of projection. The main light is not necessarily just a light, but it must be the main source of lighting.

The auxiliary light of interior rendering

The auxiliary light, also known as fill light. With a spotlight on fan-shaped reflective surface to form a uniform, non-direct source of soft, It may be filled with shaded areas and areas of the scene without the main light, it is possible to reconcile the contrast between light and dark areas, while the formation of depth and level. This uniform distribution of light defined tone of the scene.

The background light of interior rendering

The effect of background light is to increase the brightness of the background, which set off the subject, and separate principal object and background. We usually use floodlights, brightness should be dark. Background light separated target object from the background through illuminating the edge of the object. It acts on the edge of the object, causing a small specular highlight area.

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