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The Color of Space Decoration Renderings Design

Feb 16, 2016

Space decoration general color contrast has the following elements: brightness, contrast, hue contrast, color contrast, warm and cold contrast. In this comparisons, they must have a unified feature to work, there must be excessive and master in order to achieve color harmony. After the commercial space tone is set, then reconsider the choice of the dominant background color, then consider a glass cabinet, screens, brackets and other decorative color.

The use of color reflects an important factor in commodity commercial space environment, it played a very important role in business environment expression.

There are light and lively tone, deep and solemn, simple and elegant, magnificent. In general, it should be based on the content of goods, commercial space, commercial space of the basic properties to determine. Such as, industrial, commercial space should use the appropriate calm, simple, elegant gray, arts and crafts, indoor decoration, clothing and other commercial space is suitable with the rich and beautiful, bright colors.

The use of color and content, style, emotion of commercial space has important links. In colors of chaos goods, the designer first consideration is how to make commercial space in a variety of colors properly set up to fit a normal commercial space, entire commercial space show form an organic whole.

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