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3D Rendering of The Hall

Feb 04, 2016

We produce 3D architectural rendering is for the user to see, apart from expressing the design of intent, but had to let users want to immediately see it. Three-dimensional software tools as an aid to the design effect. In order to render good results, before we start making hall lights, we can enjoy some good renderings, draw a lot of layout light thinking, that night and daytime renderings are implemented by a simulated lamp.

We select the entire hall in a two lighting scenes arranged according to the camera angle. Since the exhibition is a closed space, so by downlights as the primary lighting.

We debug the light repeatedly, we need to select a little warmer colors, the lights in the scene are arranged, mostly on the location and size of the light to show the relationship spatial light layering.After lighting adjustment is complete, we can test render settings.

3D Architectural Rendering


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