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Architectural Rendering Production

Feb 02, 2016

In the process of architectural renderings,a very important light source is the sun, since the position of the sun, irradiation angle in setting time is certain, computer software can provide an architectural rendering simulation function, It can simulate lighting conditions all year round in anywhere. Thus, the architect can feel free to grasp their own programs about building.The computer may also be noted in the design of various colored light sources introduced.

In addition, setting on the atmosphere is very important for architectural renderings, This is not only to set off the main building scale, but also against the rendering features and style of the building, Computer can play a large storage capacity as its own characteristics.the number and location can be noted in the need of architectural renderings be adjusted. In addition, the camera can also be ingested surrounding scene, then converted to a computer to make it coincide with the state of the environment.

Such architectural renderings entirely reflect the real situation after the completion of the program.

Architectural Rendering


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