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The Classification of 3D Rendering

Jan 25, 2016

3D Rendering entered into our life for only a few years. To be exact, rendering is a idea that hasn't realized. Through our pen and computer tool show architectural rendering or product's structure. Rendering mainly divided into three categories.

1. Advertising rendering

Such rendering is mainly to stress the performance of the entire building environment and the green, Besides,the color of the rendering is very important. The advantage of such 3d rendering is that good visual effect, easy to attract house buyer.

2. Photograph rendering

Rendering highlights the Authenticity of construction. The colour on this kind of picture rendering usually is grey, therfor it can express the real effect.It is composed of a lots of real numbers, its main feature is the authenticity.

3. Structure rendering

This kind of 3d Should not only show the the real of structure also show its sense of beauty.

architectural rendering


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