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Application of 3D rendering

Jan 13, 2016

The 3D architectural rendering not only can assist the pictures,but also collaborate become 3D animation and simulate film can complete the animation scene after the completion of real estate projects,

The 3D architectural rendering is very important,applications in all aspects.

1.commercial renderings design

Shopping malls, specialty stores and the company's products exhibition design.

2.Exhibit Space renderings

Various types of exhibition booth design. Real estate, industrial, high-tech products trade fair.

3.landscape architecture, planning and design

Planning and environmental art design of various parks, residential, school, commercial streets, enterprises and institutions.

4.Tooling effect production

Display design, office design, hotel design, restaurant design.

5.Interior decoration design

Luxury hotel interior design, commercial office space, villas home decoration design, architectural renderings production.


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